Add an admin account in WordPress via MySQL

There can be times when your WordPress admin user is hijacked or your account is locked out accidental. In such case, you may need to add a new admin user for your WordPress installation. In this article, we will consider that you have cPanel hosting control panel. However the steps can also work for you […]

How to fix WordPress blank page issue

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool as well as it can be used for CMS as well by using third party plugins and themes. The most common issue with WordPress is blank page issue. There are many root causes for WordPress blank page. Today we will discuss all possible issue which can cause WordPress blank […]

Leverage browser caching to speed up website loading

Browser caching is an important factor to load your website quickly. If you test your website using online speed test tools like Google PageSpeed, you will get a message stating that you should leverage browser caching for some static contents to speed up website loading. It is recommended you set appropriate cache expiry for your […]

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS rewrite rule

As you know Google announced that they will consider SSL factor in their serach algorithm. That means, if you have SSL certificate for your website, it may get benefit in search ranking. Today, we will discuss, how can we redirect all HTTP request to HTTPS. Before you follow this article, you will have to ensure […]

Google Mobilegeddon is on its way

Couple of months ago, Google started to notify webmasters for mobile friendly website. If the website is not mobile friendly, they were notifying all users via Google Webmaster Tools. Google has Rolling out the mobile-friendly update to begin globally rolling out the mobile-friendly update on April 21st 2015. That means, they will give priority in […]

How to reset Parallels Plesk admin password on Windows

If you have existing password for your admin account, you can reset your Parallels Plesk admin password from your control panel. However in case if you have list your Parallels Plesk admin password, you will have to follow the below steps to reset your admin password. There is a utility plesksrvclient.exe available in Windows Plesk […]