Benefits of SSD Web Hosting

SSD stands for solid state drives and SSD web hosting uses solid state drives. SSD based server provides more performance than traditional SATA HDD based server.

Benefits of SSD Web Hosting

Most web hosting companies offer SSD powered server now. Today we will discuss the advantages of SSD web hosting.

1. Fast

The main advantage of the SSD drive is, it is much faster than HDD since there is no physical moving part in SSD drive.

2. High Data Transfer Speed

Since there is no moving parts in SSD drive, it provides high data transfer speed than SATA HDD. High data transfer speed provides better performance.

3. Durability

Traditional HDD consists of various mechanical components and therefore it requires more power and they are also prone to damages. Solid State Drive (SSD) has microchips and thus it is more durable and reduce repairing cost.

4. Reliability

With Microchip technology, SSD is more reliable than HDD.

5. Fragmentation

In SATA HDD, it requires to defragment the drive on regular basis to avoid performance issue however in SSD, we do not require to defragment the drive. There is no fragmentation issue in SSD drive.

6. No cooling required

SSD drive does not require cooling as there is no mechanical parts which can generate heat. With HDD, high temperature affectes the life of HDD but it is not the case with SSD.

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  1. Kratika Jordan

    Truly stated, SSD web hosting has many benefits over normal web hosting. Here, I would like to add some more points to your list of Advantages of SSD Web Hosting. They are as follows.

    · Immediate access of the stored data

    · Reduced loading time

    · Swift website performance

    · Happy users

    · High conversion rate

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