How to export/import a MySQL database via SSH

If you have a large database, you may face the issue to export/import large SQL database using phpMyAdmin or other interface. In this article we will show you how to export/import SQL database via SSH. You can follow this steps if you have SSH access for your account. 1. Exporting a MySQL database via SSH […]

Check MySQL service uptime through command line

Check MySQL service uptime through command line As a server administrator, it is easy to check MySQL service uptime through command line (via SSH for Linux server or MySQL command line for Windows server). You just need to follow the below steps: [1] Login to your server via SSH or access MySQL server via MySQL […]

Disable MySQL strict mode

Disable MySQL strict mode Many third party scripts viz. Cubecart, WHMCS etc. require to disable MySQL strict mode. If you do not disable MySQL strict mode, you may receive errors during installation. The most commons errors are as follow: My SQL Error 1048 column description cannot be null Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘id’ […]

Large MySQL Bin files – High disk usage by MySQL Bin files

You may have seen “server-bin.n” or “mysql-bin.00000n” (n represent num0der) under your MySQL directory (/var/lib/mysql). These files are binary logs for MySQL. The binary log contains all statements that update data. It also contains information about how long each statement took that updated data. MySQL binary logs are used for data recovery and replication. How […]

MySQL error #1036 – Table is read only

You may receive the following error while repairing or optimizing the MySQL tables: #1036 – Table ‘xyz’ is read only When the MySQL tables are in “read only” status, you can update or insert any data in them. In most cases this happens due to incorrect ownership for mysql data directory or data files. The […]

MySQL server has gone away – MySQL restore error

You may receive the following error while restoring your MySQL database: ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line xxx: MySQL server has gone away In most cases this error occurs due to max_allowed_packet limit. The default limit for max_allowed_packet is 1 MB which is not sufficient. If it requires more packet size during the restore, you will […]

How to completely remove MySQL from Windows system

Whenever you uninstall MySQL server from “Add/Remove Programs”, only the installed components are removed. The database information (including the tables and data), import or export files, log files, and binary logs produced during execution are kept in their configured location. You may experience problem reinstalling MySQL server even if you have uninstalled it from “Add/Remove […]