Should You Choose a Linux or a Windows Web Hosting

When you need a web hosting service, first question comes in your mind is whether to go for Windows hosting or Linux hosting. This article will help you to select the hosting service.

[1] Windows web hosting:

You can go for Windows web hosting if you are planning to use Microsoft technologies i.e. .Net framework, SQL server, ASP etc. This is applicable to Windows shared hosting, Windows reseller hosting, Windows VPS hosting and Dedicated server.

[2] Linux web hosting:

If your requirements are limited to HTML, PHP and MySQL, it is better to go with Linux web hosting. You will get better performance for PHP and MySQL on Linux server.

Most of the hosting providers offer Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting. Following are the prominent hosting providers for Windows and/or Linux web hosting:


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  1. Girdhari Singh

    I will prefer Linux web Hosting as its cheapest and there is very less issues while host and no mentainance required. once you configure your hosting server it will be stick on that but in windows server there are some Dll issue some os problem some time database issue. and result is downtime in windows hosting. but in linux hosting downtime will be very less.

    most of developer are using Linux Hosting only, as a developer I have experiance of Both servers.

    in One line : for web hosting Linux hosting is the best.

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