Command to add/edit/remove cron job (crontab) on Linux server

On Linux server, you will have to manage your cronjob (cron job) via SSH.

crontab command is used to add/edit/remove a cron job on the server. Below are the few options of crontab command:

crontab -l  – Displays the current cron jobs
crontab -e – To edit the cron jobs
crontab -r  – To remove cron jobs

If you wish to edit it for particular user, you can use the following:

crontab [-u user] [-l | -r | -e] [-i]

If you are on the shared hosting and your hosting provider is offering cPanel, you can add/edit/remove cronjob from your cPanel. If you are unsure on how to login to your cPanel, you can refer our article on Secure cPanel Login.

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