How to fix WordPress blank page issue

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool as well as it can be used for CMS as well by using third party plugins and themes.

The most common issue with WordPress is blank page issue. There are many root causes for WordPress blank page. Today we will discuss all possible issue which can cause WordPress blank page.

WordPress blank page issue

[1] PHP memory issue

If you are on shared hosting, it is possible that your website is exceeding allowed PHP memory. Often bad plugins and themes causes high memory issues and this can cause WordPress blank page issue.

[2] Conflict WordPress plugins

Many plugins are not compatible with each other. If you install conflicting plugins, it may cause WordPress blank page issue. You can remove conflicting plugins to fix this problem.

[3] WordPress plugins

It is possible that one of the WordPress plugins can cause blank page issue. To troubleshoot such issue, you can rename your plugin directory “/wp-content/plugins” to other name. If your WordPress starts working, you can move plugins one by one to plugins directory to find problematic plugins.

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