Getting Website traffic

Did you face the problem to getting traffic to your website? If yes then below are the few ways to bring traffic to your website:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is very important aspect to optimize your website. If you have optimized your website properly then it helps to increase your search engine ranking and you will get the more traffic to your website. You should submit our web site to the popular search engines. Before submitting your web site, you have to add the proper Meta tags in all the web pages of your web site. The Meta tags should be related to your web site.

2. Link Exchange:

Link exchange is the one of the best way to increase the search engine ranking. By exchanging your link you will get the number of inbound links toward your website which increase the search engine ranking of your website. You should exchange your links which are related to your website that means your site should have relative link exchange.

3. Forums and Blogs:

Another great way to get the traffic toward your website is participating forums and blogs. Use your website link in your signature or post it another way. (Many forum administrators do not allow the links before you post specific number of posts. Hence, before using your website link in your signature first go through their terms and condition of the forums).

4. Submit your site to Directory:

You may submit your web site to popular web directories. There are many free or paid web directories available in which you can submit your web site.

5. Advertise your web site:

You may advertise your web site by putting the banner, link ads or popup on the popular web sites. However, you have to pay for the same to the administrator of the web site where you are putting your web site’s ads.

Kailash Aghera

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  1. Rakesh


    Now a day, people are also using viral marketing to get the traffic to the site. You can use social bookmarking web site like Digg and stumbleupon to get the traffic. It is this is a new trend and works good if you have good story or articles to digg. Also the pages in Digg, stubleupon etc. will be indexed fast in Google so your site will get quality backlinks too.


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