How to enable Silverlight in IIS 6


Silverlight is not enabled by default in IIS 6 web server. We require adding Silverlight MIME types manually in IIS6. To enable Silverlight for any web site hosted in IIS6, you will require adding the following three MIME types from IIS6:

Extension: .xap
Content Type: application/x-silverlight-app

Extension: .xaml
Content Type: application/xaml+xml

Extension: .xbap
Content Type: application/x-ms-xbap

Following are the exact steps to add MIME types in IIS6:

– Open IIS Manager.
– Expand your server name and then expand “Web Sites”.
– Right click on your web site name and go to “Properties”.
– Go to “HTTP Headers” tab and click on “File Types” which is under “MIME Map”.
– Click on “New Type” button to add new MIME type.
– Enter the extension and content type. Click “Ok” button to add it.

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