How to get more Twitter Followers

1. Follow other people

If you follow 100 twitter users and consider 50% will follow back, you will get 50 twitter followers and if you keep on doing that on a consistent basis you can have thousands of Twitter followers in short period. Please note that you can follow maximum 1000 followers in a day and you can follow maximum 2000 followers. Then after the limit is increased based on the ratio of followers and following. To keep followers and following ratio to 1:1, you will have to un-follow users who are not following you.

2. Get Verified Twitter account

This is the easiest way if you are a celebrity or a well known personality; apply to get verified twitter account.

3. Get listed on Popular Lists

If your twitter account is listed in popular list, you may get thousand of twitter followers on short time. Try to get on the lists and get more followers.

4. Get Suggested on Twitter

Earlier if you can manage to get on the Twitter suggested users list in any way, you would never have to look for twitter followers. You will gain thousands of twitter followers per day. How to get into the Twitter Suggested is a well kept secret.

5. Share Your Exclusive Deals and coupon

This one is useful for companies who want to disclose secret coupon codes, promo codes or exclusive discounts only on Twitter. The targeted people will follow you to get the benefit of your deal.

6. Offer Gifts to your followers

If I say I will give one $100 Google Adword credit to a random new Twitter follower who joins me over the next week, don’t surprise if you get a few thousands followers. Of course you will have to be genuine and give out the credit too.

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