How to increase PR

Once you complete the setup of your site, the next step is how can I get traffic from search engines. It’s not easy to get higher position in search engines but it’s not difficult too. Today I will provide you few tips to get top position in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

[1] Increase the backlinks for your site:

The first step is, increase the backlinks for your site. Backlink means the number of sites that directly links to your site. The best way to increase the backlinks is to exchange your site links with other sites. It is very important that you submit your site with other sites which are related too your site. For example, if you site is web hosting related then exchange the link with other sites which are web hosting related. Only quality backlinks are counted by search engines.

[2] Directory Submission:

Now a days, there are thousands of free directories available on the Internet and you can submit your site to these directories. It is advisable to use different titles and descriptions for your site to submit it to free directories. These will also increase the backlinks for your site. Also you will need to submit your site to relevant category in the directories.

[3] Unique site contents:

Your site contents should be unique. Search engines hat the duplicate contents. Also you will need to update your site contents on regular basis. You can also write the articles and upload them to your site.

[4] Social Bookmarking and forum/blog signature:

You can use social book marking to get backlinks for your web site. The examples of social bookmarking are Dig, Stumbleupon etc. You can also use your web site links in the forum and blog signature. You will get traffic from them too.

The above are the few tip for search engine optimization and to get higher rank in search engines.


Note: This is an old article and this may not be valid method according to new Google algorithm.

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