There are several different URLs through which you can login to your cPanel. Following are the options through which you can access your cPanel:

[1] Access cPanel using IP address and port 2082


Replace IP_Address with actual IP address of your hosting provider.

[2] Access cPanel using domain and port 2082

If you have already pointed your domain to your hosting provider’s server, you can access cPanel using the following URL:


[3] Access cPanel using proxy subdomain:

If your domain is pointing to your hosting provider’s server and your hosting provider has enabled proxy subdomain on the server, you can access cPanel using the following URLs:




The above options allow you to access your cPanel account using non-secure UTL (over HTTP). If you wish to access your cPanel using secure URL (HTTPS), please refer this article.

Following are the list of companies which offer cPanel hosting:





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How to log into cPanel

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