Sometimes, your MySQL database may be corrupted and it requires to repair your MySQL database. Here we will provide you steps to repair corrupted MySQL database from cPanel and phpMyAdmin.

[1] Repair a MySQL database from cPanel

Log in to your cPanel and go to MySQL Databases. In the section Modify Databases, select a database from the drop-down box next to Repair DB: and then click the Repair DB button.

If the database engine used by your database supports repair (for example, MyISAM supports it), you will see a list of the repaired tables within the database.

If your database engine does not support repair (e.g. InnoDB database engine), you will get the following error message:

note : The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair

[2] Repair a MySQL database from phpMyAdmin
– Open your phpMyAdmin and select the database whose tables you wish to repair.

– Select the tables you wish to repair, or simply click [Check All] to select all tables.

– Click the box [With selected:] and choose Repair table. This will execute the REPAIR TABLE SQL query on the selected tables and they will be repaired.

How to repair a corrupted MySQL database from cPanel and phpMyAdmin

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