How to Select a Reliable Web Host: 10 Aspects to Know

Select Reliable Web Host

Web hosting is an important part of any website. The choice of a reliable hosting service provider is significantly vital because not all hosts are created equal. Just bandwidth and storage are not considerable factors when finding a web hosting plan.

In this article, you’ll get an ultimate guide to measuring the reliability of web hosting. 

Website’s Requirements

Make a list of your website’s needs and services from a hosting perspective. Now, compare that list to the offerings of various hosts. However, if you are providing web reseller hosting, determine what types of clients you need and what would be their actual needs from you. Once you do that, choose a host that completely suits your requirements.

Server Uptime and Availability

To ensure reliability, it is crucial to understand what your host has to offer in terms of server availability and uptime. It refers to the percentage of time your website will be active online for users without any problems. A trustworthy web host provides guaranteed uptime and availability for 99.9% time.

Monthly uptime of 99.9% can result in a downtime of 43.2 minutes due to various issues such as technical problems. Also, ask your hosting provider for any backup plan to counter downtime. A frequently unavailable website is not good for creating an online following as it will distract users from other sites.

Database Connection

Establishing the database connection in php is another aspect to consider while looking for the best web host. It helps in getting web-based access to dynamic content saved in the database. Usually, there are 2 methods for connecting PHP to MySQL databases – Extensions and SQL Statements.

Use any of the three PHP extensions – mysqli, pdo_mysql, and mysqlInd in PHP scripts. It retrieves database server information, connects PHP applications with MySQL, manages database cell errors, and works with the database record. After using MySQL extensions, add Insert, Update, and Delete statements in PHP CRUD functions.

Upgrade Options

Timely updates are the need of nature today, whether it is about a website, software, OS, or an app. So, reading the fine print is crucial to figure out the possible upgrade options. Before finalizing a hosting plan decision, ensure that you would not be penalized for future upgrades. Make certain your website keeps working efficiently by scaling up quickly for additional space and resources.


Web Hosting Security

We know that websites and the whole internet world are sometimes vulnerable to viruses, malware, and cyberattacks. Your service provider must protect the hosting from ransomware, DDoS threats, and other security issues. Make sure your chosen web host has an array of the latest security measures. It includes anti-spam email filters, advanced firewalls, or intrusion detection software.

Email Hosting

To make certain email compatibility with the website name and business branding, email hosting should be included in your account. Keeping email and web hosting in the same place will ease your life by helping reach the potential audience. Explore various email hosting plans ensuring an email address is included in the hosting plan with limited usage.

Pricing and Renewals

While ensuring quality and reliability, the pricing factor could not be underestimated. Get a detailed understanding of various hosting plans to get an idea of registration and renewal costs. Never go for cheap or highly expensive plans. But, select a plan that better suits your website requirements and offer the latest features within your budget.


Each of the hosting service providers offers various types of hosting. Thus, after analyzing your web hosting requirement, verify the primary features of the host. It helps in determining whether what you need is a part of the provider’s offering. Look for other customers’ reviews and see their comments to get an idea of the features included.  

Technical Support

Web Hosting Support

Highly supportive customer service is necessary to ensure required support will be available for you in times of need. Make sure 24/7 technical support is available via phone, ticket, or live chat for effective site work round the clock. However, this is not an important factor if you have a team of technical staff and in-house programmers. Review the customer service options such as lower-level, managed, and expensive ones.  

Reviews & Ratings

Testimonials or reviews matter a lot in identifying the hosting service’s trustworthiness. Analyze first-hand customers’ reviews and get their insight to understand the good and bad aspects of your potential hosting. Visit review sites such as TrustPilot to read authentic reviews about the service quality, issues, support, and other aspects.

The Conclusion

So, if you’re going to create a website for yourself, select the best web hosting service considering the above-mentioned criteria. These factors will help you make an informed decision ensuring your business runs on a highly strong and secure base.

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