HyperVM comprehensive Virtualization manager software and VPS solution

HyperVM comprehensive Virtualization manager software available to create and/or manage different Virtual Machines which are based on different technologies across machines and platforms. Using HyperVM you can manage your VPS and servers across the different data centers.

Below are the few features of HyperVM:

  • Integrates with WHMCS and AWBS
  • Cross Datacenter Deployment
  • Distributed management via single console
  • Heirarchical client system.
  • Web based graphic user interface
  • OpenVZ and Xen virtualization support
  • Windows Virtualization via Xen
  • Intelligent IP handling
  • Traffic Shaping and Network management
  • You even get a Built in messaging system.

More details on HyperVM: Click Here

Note: This is an old article. There were few security issues were discovered in the past in HyperVM. Kindly read their review before using them.

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