Idera – This may take several minutes

Idera (previously known as R1soft) is used to take block level backup for your server and helps to restore or bare metal restore for your server.

You may received the following message when you access your Idera URL after reboot or a crash:

Idera Server Backup Manager

This may take several minutes

If you are the administrator, check the log files for details.
Otherwise, please check back soon or contact your administrator for help

Idera Backup Manager

This is due to unclean shutdown of your Idera server or a crash. Generally you should receive the above message after rebooting your Idera server. You should not restart Idera service during this period. Generally this occurs to rollback the incomplete backup policy. Depending on the size of backup, it may take few minutes/hours to complete the rollback. For more information, you can review the Idera logs.

Once the incomplete backup policy is roll-backed, you should be able to access your Idera control panel.

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