IFrame Hacking – JavaScript Hacking

Now a days, it is not an easy job to develop and secure web site. Each and every day, you will find a new way to attack on the web site, servers or even entire network. Today I will discuss about two types of web site hacking which are most common.

[1] IFrame Hacking
[2] JavaScript Hacking

In both, the hackers add suspicious IFrame or JavaScript code in your web site page. Such code generally links to the malware or badware site.

There are many reasons for such type of hacking.

– Your control panel or FTP password is compromised. If you system is infected with Virus/Trojan/Spyware then there a chance that hacker gets some confidential information from your system and may damage your system. It is a best practice to have Anti Virus installed on the system and also it should be upgraded to its latest version. To fix this security hole, you
can simply reset your password to hard one. Also never set dictionary words as your password.

– The server where your site is compromised.

– XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability in your site. If your site has XSS vulnerability then there is a high risk for such type of hacking.

– SQL injection. If your site is not designed to prevent SQL injection then hacker can easily get the access your database and insert suspicious code.

There are many other reasons then as mentioned above. You should test your web in all aspects before putting it on live.


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