Links are added automatically in the index page of the website – adsttnmq1/sdioyslkjs2 attack

Recently I faced problem with one of the websites in which there were many links added automatically in the index page. The FTP password was reset many times but it didn’t fix the problem. Even there was no logs for FTP access for this website.

After checking all the files/folders of this website, I found some suspicious files in one folder. There was a PHP script along with other files which was adding the spam links in the homepage. The script was simply called by attacker and they were passing some text file as a query string.

This is not an attack on the website but it seems they were adding the links just to populate their keywords in the search engine. I was not sure from where these malicious files were uploaded but after removing these files, I have not faced the problem again.

Just for the information, the link code was started using tag.

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