Unfortunately, msconfig is not included in Windows 2000 operating system but there is another way to check which programs are loaded with Windows and you can also remove it from the start up. First, go to startup folder from the start menu and delete the shortcuts you do not need. Now, go to the registry (Go to Run from start menu and type “regedit”). In registry, go to the below location:


Each key in this folder starts an application when we start our system. Remove the key that you do not want to start during the system start. However, it is advisable that do not remove any program that is located in the C:/winnt or C:/windows directory because they can be operating services.

Another option is to try to copy msconfig.exe file from Windows 98 or Windows XP installation and use it on the Windows 2000 system.

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Missing msconfig in Windows 2000

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  • October 5, 2008 at 2:22 PM


    Thanks to author. This helps me to remove the unwanted program from the start up.




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