Windows Web Hosting

Hi, Many of you are confused while selecting the web hosting plan. Most of you are confused whether to select Windows hosting or Linux. In this article we will discuss the few things related to Windows hosting. Why to chose Windows Hosting? – If you are planing to use Microsoft technology like ASP, .Net Platform, […]

cPanel Backup

Now a day, the most important part of your website is the data of your website which includes your web contents, databases, email accounts etc. It is recommended that you take the backup of your website regularly. However, most of the hosting providers are taking the backup daily, weekly or monthly basis but to become […]

Operating system

An Operating System (abbreviated as OS), is a software that is responsible to manage the system resource. An operating system contains many applications in it.  Operating system is directly handle the request which are received from Hardware devices (i.e. Keyboard, Mouse, Motherboard etc.). There are many operating systems provide GUI (Graphical User Interface) through which […]

What is FSCK?

What is FSCK? Why is it required? There are several reasons behind the system file corruption. For example, you forgot to shut down your system properly, suddenly cut off the power supply, a storage device was removed when system is in process to write the data on it, accidentally press the restart button of your […]

Getting Website traffic

Did you face the problem to getting traffic to your website? If yes then below are the few ways to bring traffic to your website: 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization is very important aspect to optimize your website. If you have optimized your website properly then it helps to increase your search […]