FREE Web Hosting

There are many hosting providers which provide the free web hosting. You do not need to pay anything to host your site on their server. Generally they put their ads in your website or place the popup or banner in your website. The free website hosts often make the money in other ways like putting […]

Web hosting control panel

Once you host your web site (domain) through any web hosting provider, you will need some interface to manage your web site (domain). Without any interface, it is hard to manage your web site. The interface through which you can manage your web site (domain) is called web hosting control panel. There are many web […]

Increase link popularity in Google

Link popularity is one of the most important factors to determine your website’s search engine ranking. What is Link popularity, why it is important to increase the page rank of the website and how Google measure the link popularity? Before we start talking about how Google measure the link popularity, we need to clarify some […]

System is not booting

You have seen the message “Boot disk failure” while starting your PC. The problem behind this is that the hard drive is detected but the operating system doesn’t load. You will need to reinstall the operating system or you will need to rebuild your master boot record to fix the boot problem. Below are few […]

Requirement of Boot.ini file on Windows

Sometimes, you may receive an error “Invalid boot.ini file. Booting from c:\winnt and then after your PC boots normally. You are receiving this error because boot.ini is either missing or corrupted. To resolve this problem on Windows 2000 operation system, create a boot.ini file in C: drive with following contents: [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT [operating […]

Missing msconfig in Windows 2000

Unfortunately, msconfig is not included in Windows 2000 operating system but there is another way to check which programs are loaded with Windows and you can also remove it from the start up. First, go to startup folder from the start menu and delete the shortcuts you do not need. Now, go to the registry […]

Host table on Linux server

In the beginning, the host table was the only tool to map the host name to IP address. All Linux systems still have a host table, which is located at “/etc/hosts” file. The host table contains the IP addresses and host names. Below is the sample example of the hosts file: $ cat /etc/hosts # […]