Understanding The MEAN Stack

Inspired by an article I recently read over at the HostPresto Community I’ve decided to give you an insight into MEAN. MEAN is a free and open source software stack or development platform written in Javascript as a means to produce dynamic web sites and web-based applications. MEAN consists of four main components which allow […]

Configure MariaDB for remote client access

By default MariaDB is listening to using bind-address directive for the security reasons. If you were using old MySQL and just upgraded to MariaDB, it is possible that TCP/IP networking is disabled on your server using skip-networking directive. skip-networking tells MariaDB to run without any of the TCP/IP networking options. MariaDB is bound to […]

How to export/import a MySQL database via SSH

If you have a large database, you may face the issue to export/import large SQL database using phpMyAdmin or other interface. In this article we will show you how to export/import SQL database via SSH. You can follow this steps if you have SSH access for your account. 1. Exporting a MySQL database via SSH […]

Add an admin account in WordPress via MySQL

There can be times when your WordPress admin user is hijacked or your account is locked out accidental. In such case, you may need to add a new admin user for your WordPress installation. In this article, we will consider that you have cPanel hosting control panel. However the steps can also work for you […]

How to fix WordPress blank page issue

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool as well as it can be used for CMS as well by using third party plugins and themes. The most common issue with WordPress is blank page issue. There are many root causes for WordPress blank page. Today we will discuss all possible issue which can cause WordPress blank […]

Leverage browser caching to speed up website loading

Browser caching is an important factor to load your website quickly. If you test your website using online speed test tools like Google PageSpeed, you will get a message stating that you should leverage browser caching for some static contents to speed up website loading. It is recommended you set appropriate cache expiry for your […]

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS rewrite rule

As you know Google announced that they will consider SSL factor in their serach algorithm. That means, if you have SSL certificate for your website, it may get benefit in search ranking. Today, we will discuss, how can we redirect all HTTP request to HTTPS. Before you follow this article, you will have to ensure […]