Plesk Editions Comparison

Plesk is a hosting control panel which allows web hosts and end users to manage their websites and servers. Plesk comes with different editions and features. Users can select the editions depending on their features requirements. In this article we will discuss about Plesk editions comparison and their features.

Plesk Editions Comparison

As of now there are three different Plesk editions available for the users as follow:

  • Plesk Web Admin Edition
    • Plesk Web Admin Edition is used for those users who just need limited features and just need basic websites management options without the extended tools and features.
  • Plesk Web Pro Edition
    • Plesk Web Pro Edition is for those who need full features with limited domains. It includes almost all features.
  • Plesk Web Host Edition
    • Plesk Web Host Edition for web hosting providers to get maximum flexibility, access to domain management tools and full WordPress Toolkit support and other features.

Below are the detailed comparisons between all three Plesk editions:

FEATURESWeb Admin EditionWeb Pro EditionWeb Host Edition
Domains and Use CaseUp to 10 DomainsUp to 30 DomainsUnlimited Domains
Service Provider Management
Reseller managementNot AvailableNot AvailableFeature Available
Subscription managementNot AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Account managementNot AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
User Interface Description
Power user view (server + site admin)Feature AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Custom view managementNot AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
User Features
WordPress ToolkitSE Only (Limited
features edition)
Feature AvailableFeature Available
Developer packAddon FeatureAddon FeatureAddon Feature
Plesk Premium Email by KolabAddon FeatureAddon FeatureAddon Feature
Plesk mobile managerFeature AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Security Features
Security Core with ModSecurity Rules by AtomicorpFeature AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Let’s EncryptFeature AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Plesk Email SecurityFeature AvailableFeature AvailableFeature Available
Email antivirusAddon FeatureAddon FeatureAddon Feature
Feature AvailableIncluded Not AvailableNot included Addon FeatureOptional add-on

Fore more details on Plesk editions comparison, you can refer their official website

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