Remove saved credentials of Windows Network sharing

In Windows operating system, you can share the folder within your local network to transfer the data from one system to another system.

Sometime when you tried to access network sharing folder, you may receive the following error.

Windows cannot access \COMPUTER1\COMPUTER1 Shared

Windows Sharing error

Generally this happens if you have changed the password of the username which was previously used to save the credential. This can be fixed by removing or editing old credential from Windows “Credential Manager”. You can start Windows credential manager by running the following command.

On Windows command prompt type the following command:

C:\>control keymgr.dll

This will launch Windows credential manager as follow:

Windows Credential Manager

Now you will be able to manage your old save passwords from here. You can either delete or update password. In windows server 2012, you might need to restart the Workstation service.

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