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SmarterMail 10.x released

SmarterMail 10.x released and following features are added and some bug fix:

  • ADDED: A new system administrator level event has been added for server disk space availability for a drive.
  • ADDED: Added a web interface specifically for mobile devices. Supports Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.
  • ADDED: Added ability to manage archiving via the API using the SetDomainArchiveRule function in the svcDomainAdmin web service.
  • ADDED: Auto discovery is now supported for SMTP, POP, IMAP and Exchange Web Services.
  • ADDED: Contacts now allow for a second and third email address.
  • ADDED: Domain level calendars can be created and shared to specified users or user groups.
  • ADDED: Domains and email addresses can now be added to a blacklist to prevent SmarterMail from sending to them.
  • ADDED: Forwarded messages can now have the sender address encoded using SRS allowing those messages to pass SPF checks by receiving servers.
  • ADDED: Meeting availability checks are now supported in Outlook 2011 for Mac when syncing using Exchange Web Services.
  • ADDED: Replied and forwarded flags are now supported for mobile clients that implement ActiveSync version 14.0 or higher.
  • ADDED: Rooms can now be added to a domain and scheduled in calendar events.
  • ADDED: Support for more efficient message sending for mobile devices implementing ActiveSync 14.0 or higher.
  • ADDED: Support for receiving messages sent using 8-bit MIME.
  • ADDED: TimeZoneIndex is now settable for a user via the SetRequestedUserSettings of the svcUserAdmin web service.
  • ADDED: Updated SmarterMail to operate in a failover environment.
  • CHANGED: Auto responders will no longer be sent for messages containing an x-mailing-list header indicating that the message was sent via a mailing list.
  • CHANGED: Message archiving now accept UNC paths.
  • CHANGED: The API for queuing mailbox migrations now allows domain administrators to queue migrations for accounts within their domain.
  • CHANGED: Updated the web interface to operate more efficiently and improve the experience for desktop browsers and tablets.
  • FIXED: Adding domain aliases no longer allows adding of reserved domain names.
  • FIXED: Chat now works as expected on Safari browsers that do not have flash installed.
  • FIXED: Inline images now display correctly in Apple mail when using Exchange Web Services.
  • FIXED: Sending a mass message to a domain now validates whether that domain exists or not.
  • FIXED: The AddDomainEx API function now uses the default domain settings for enabling XMPP and chat history search for domain admins.
  • FIXED: The log out URL setting for a domain no longer requires the “http://www” prefix to navigate properly to the given URL.
  • FIXED: The message archive search now displays as expected when a system admin impersonates a domain admin for a domain with archiving enabled.
  • FIXED: The message-id field when sending from webmail now includes the domain of the sender.
  • FIXED: XMPP ports no longer show the TLS option as it is not supported by XMPP.

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