SmarterMail 6.x released

Smartertools has released Smartermail 6.x with some new features. Smartermail is widely used mail server software in web hosting field. Some the features of Smartermail 6 are:

– SmarterMail 6.x provides businesses and hosting environments with powerful enterprise-level features and collaboration tools, including:

– Smartphone synchronization through Exchange ActiveSync, SyncML, and SmarterMail Sync technologies

– 97% antispam out-of-the-box that delivers comprehensive protection from spam and phishing messages

– Advanced Outlook synchronization and collaboration

– Robust antivirus out-of-the-box that prevents costly downtime

– Detailed reporting at the server, domain, and mailbox levels to provide insight into mail server performance

– Events and notifications that help simplify and automate tasks

– Advanced message archiving compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA regulations

– Leading Web-based interface for administrators and users

You can download free edition from Here


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    Web Host ReviewsSeptember 4, 2009

    Releasing of Smarter mail 6.x is so impressive and the features of Smarter mail 6.x is so interesting and i like the feature most is – advanced Outlook synchronization and collaboration.

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    “Smartertools has released Smartermail 6.x with some new features.”

    Thanks for sharing the information.

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    kailashSeptember 18, 2009

    Smartermail 6 can be used as an alternative of Microsoft Exchange Server.

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    angelinasimonOctober 28, 2009

    I felt your effort of posting such useful links for us. Extremely well done and your choice of language makes them even more interesting. An occasional bit of irony or an elegant twist in the phrase is a welcome relief.

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    tweakserversMarch 8, 2011

    Smartermail v8 has been released to public with some new features. Check out for the full new feature list.


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