Stop WordPress asking for FTP details to install/upgrade plugins

How to Stop WordPress Asking for FTP details to Upgrade Plugins:

If you install/upgrade WordPress plugin from WordPress admin area, you will need to specify FTP details each time. It is not a problem if you have few plugins but if you have installed many plugins, it consumes lots of time installing/upgrading plugin from WordPress admin.

To avoid this, you can directly specify your FTP details in your wp-config.php file. You just need to add following codes in your wp-config.php file:

define(‘FTP_HOST’, ‘’);
define(‘FTP_USER’, ‘Your_FTP_Username’);
define(‘FTP_PASS’, ‘Your_FTP_password’);
// If SSL connection is requireed add following line as well
define(‘FTP_SSL’, true);

Save your wp-config.php file and try to install/upgrade plugin from your WordPress admin area.

Kailash Aghera

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