Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared

What is Bulk Email verification?

Consider you have large number of email subscribers in your list. When you send out the newsletters, you receive large number of bounce emails each time you send a newsletter. Bounce emails are not good for business. It can affect the IP / Domain reputation as well and some providers may block legitimate emails.

Bulk email verification service providers offer the tools which allow you to verify your complete list and they will give you the clean list. That means, you will get the list of bounce/bad users and you can remove them from your list. This improves your email deliverability and reduces the bounce.

Why bulk email verification and validation is essential?

When you plan to send large amount of emails, newsletters etc., email delivery is most important. If your emails do not reach to end users Inbox, you will get very low responses from your users. The common causes for such issues are high bounce rate, IP/domain reputation etc.

Bounce rate and IP/Domain reputation plays an important roles for the email delivery. If your list is not clean and it has bad/bounced email addresses, it affects your email delivery and it is also possible that your domain/IP address is blacklisted by the providers like Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. To avoid such issues, it requires a clean list and you can do it using bulk email verification and validation service providers.

In this article, we will discuss about top 10 bulk email verification and validation service providers. This will help you to find the suitable bulk email verifier provider to verify your email lists.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Bulk email verification

Quick comparison between bulk email verification providers

Bulk Email Verifier Price Accuracy Free Trail Processing Time Integration Catch-All and Disposable Verification Real-time API Support Data Protection Support
2K: $16
500K: $150
98% Monthly 100
2K: $5.04
500K: $400
99% One Time 500
10K: $29
500K: $199
99% One Time 200
2.5K: $20
500K: $900
99% Daily 100
2K: $16
500K: $1500
99.9% -
    5K: $5.95
500K: $279
97% Daily 10
    5K: $35
500K: $650
95% Monthly 100
    5K: $10
500K: $300
97.50% One Time 100
    5K: $39.95
500K: $399.95
96% One Time 100
    2K: $33
200K: $615
98% Monthly 100

Top 10 Bulk Email Verifier Services

1. ZeroBounce – Accurate and Fast email validation Service

ZeroBounce is accurate, fast and secure email validation service.

ZeroBounce bulk email verification

ZeroBounce is one of the leading bulk email verification providers. ZeroBounce is ideal for the Company/Organization who are looking for highest delivery for their email communication.

Why use ZeroBounce?

Cost: They have plan starting from $16 / 2000 credit (1 credit = 1 Email verification).

Accuracy: 98% verification accuracy

Processing Time: 45-60 minutes per 100,000 contacts

Real-time validation using API: Yes, it is available and you can integrate with your sign up form in your website to validate in real time.

Email Marketing Tools Integration: HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, mailjet, Salesforce, Sendinblue, Zoho CRM and many more. For more details, you can refer ZeroBounce integration platform.

Free Trail: Yes, 100 credits every month

Supported file format: .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX and .TXT

Catch-All Validation: Yes

Greylisting check: Yes

Customer Support: 24/7 Chat support and Phone support available Monday – Friday, 5AM – 7PM EST

Privacy / Data Protection Policy: GDPR Compliant, SOC 2 Complaint, CCPA, Compliant, Privacy Shield

Spam Trap Detection: Yes

Disposable Email Check: Yes

Abuse Email Detection: Yes

Toxic Domain Verifier: Yes

MX Record Detection: Yes

2. MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier is top-notch email validator provider.

MyEmailVerifier bulk email verification

MyEmailVerifier claims 99% email deliverability guarantee. That means you will get highest accuracy to clean your email list. Apart from this, they also provide API access and it is real-time API.

3. MillionVerifier

MillionVerifier is most comprehensive email verification service with 99%+ verification accuracy.

MillionVerifier bulk email verification

MillionVerifier offers lowest plan with higher accuracy level. They have plan starting with 10000 credits at $29. They also offer 17+ easy to use integrations with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Mailgun etc.

4. QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification is an email validation provider helping organizations to clean their email lists and improve email deliverability.


QuickEmailVerification have multiple plans to meet your need. You can select fix credit plan or monthly usage based plan. They have plan starting from $4 for 500 credit.

5. NeverBounce

NeverBounce provides real-time email verification and cleaning services.


NeverBounce offers Pay-As-You-Go option as well as fix credit plans. They have plan starting with 1000 credits at $10/month. They also offer 99.9% accuracy.

6. BulkEmailChecker

BulkEmailChecker is one of the low cost bulk email verification provider.


BulkEmailChecker has Pay-As-You-Go option and this is ideal solution for the users who do not require frequent validation. They have plan starting from 1000 credit at $2.95. You can also integrate it with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Mailjet, Mailgun, SendGrid, Postmark etc. In addition to this, they have WordPress plugin which can be used to verify email address when a user is subscribed to your website.

7. SendPulse

SendPulse is a Mutli-Channel marketing automation platform. As a part of their service, they are offering email validation service.

SendPulse bulk email verification

SendPulse has plan starting with 1000 credits at $15/month. You can integrate it with their other marketing automation platform with them.


DeBounce is simple, fast and accurate email validation tool. bulk email verification

DeBounce is yet another provider when it comes to low cost solution for bulk email verification. They have plan starting with 5000 verifications at $10.

9. MailboxValidator

MailboxValidator is a secure and reliable email validation service to check for the invalid email addresses.

MailboxValidator bulk email validation

MailboxValidator is an easy to use bulk email list cleaning service. They also offer API which can be integrated with your website for real-time verification. They claim 96% accuracy for email verification. They have plan starting with 1000 queries at $19.95/month.

10. is an outreach automation platform for marketers and they are offering variety of tools for lead generation, email sending, email verification.

Snovio offers bundled services along with email verification service. Their bundled plan starts at $39/month and it includes 1000 credits which is multi-purpose credit. If you do not use this credit for their other services, you can validate over 2000 email addresses.

Features of Snovio

  • Cost: Their bundled plan starts at $39/month and it includes 1000 credits which is multi-purpose credit. Additional discount may be available with Annual plan.
  • Free Trail: offer free plan. Their free plan include 50 credits/month. You can use the free plan for as long as you need, no credit card required upfront.
  • Accuracy: 98% deliverability
  • Validation Time: Not available

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    I am using MillionVerifier quite some time. It just works fine to clean the list with highest accuracy.

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    I am using to remove failed email accounts. It helps to clean almost all such failed users and it makes clean list for highest email delivery rate.

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    The list and details are superb. Do you know any of the email hygiene provider which provides a WordPress plugin kind of solution, so even a non technical person can also use it. I know API are available but just wondering if any ready to use WordPress plugins are available?

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