Live chat is an important option for business. It allows their customers to contact them immediately to get support and assistance.

Today, we will evaluate top 5 live chat service providers.

[1] LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat is one of the widely used Livechat application. It has almost all features which are required by businesses.

LiveChat Inc.

Following are the features available in Livechat:

  • Visitors information
  • File sharing
  • Chat archive / Chat transcript / Chat tags
  • Canned responses
  • Visitors banning
  • Automatic greetings
  • Eye catcher
  • Integration with lots of applications i.e. Salesforce, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Facebook and many more
  • Chats / Tickets reports.

There are many other features available in it. For more information, you can refer LiveChat Inc.

We will be adding more providers as soon as possible.

Note: We have provided information based on the available features. You can sign up and fully test their services to get more information. It is possible that features are updated by individual providers. This article is just information purpose.
Top 5 Live Chat software and service providers

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