Unable to fetch the cPanel user file

Sometime you may receive the following error while modifying cPanel account:

cPanel Error

“Unable to fetch the cPanel user file for username.jFu8eBofRJWGD_cOgBNdwe8cBF1GItdh

There could be several reasons for this problem as follow:

[1] If the account is transferred from other server

[2] Account is transferred from other control panel like Plesk/Ensim

[3] Human error while modifying cPanel user file

How to fix?

There is an easy way to fix the above error.

Verify the permissions of cPanel user files by following the below steps:

– Login to your server via SSH using root

– Execute the following commands to check the permissions:

cd /var/cpanel/users
ls -lah username
cat username

Here replace username with the cPanel username. The correct permissions on the file should look like the following:

-rw-r—–  1 root username  596 Jun  8 14:03 username

Additionally, inside the file, the USER=username entry should have the username of that user. If it is different, you will need to edit this line. After editing this file, you will need to execute the following command:


Now you should be able to modify cPanel account.

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