WHMCS 8.0 New Admin Area Look

WHMCS 8.0 is now available in beta since last few days. In WHMCS 8.0, they have made major changes in admin area look. Today we will discuss the major changes made by WHMCS team in WHMCS 8.

Slimmer navigation

This will be most noticeable difference in the admin area. These changes include a smaller footprint, optimised menus, aims to maximize focus on the content and reduce distractions. Top navigation in admin area now slimmer as shown in the following image:

WHMCS 8.0 Slimmer navigation - WHMCS 8.0 New Admin Area look

Quick start shortcuts

These are designed to make it quicker to access key actions from anywhere, such as creating a new client or placing a new order.

WHMCS 8 Quick start shortcuts

Easier access to Automation Status

Automation status page will give detailed information on cron and other automated tasks performed by WHMCS. In the new version you will get alert for any automation task on the top of the page. The screenshot below shows how the icon will appear when there is an issue preventing the cron tasks from starting or completion successfully.

WHMCS 8.0 Automation status

Improvements to Intelligent Search

One of the most used features of the WHMCS admin area is the intelligent search, which performs a search across most data entity types within WHMCS and uses input analysis to determine the most relevant fields to search.

WHMCS 8.0 Intelligent Search

Improved mobile and tablet behaviour

The main menu navigation responsive behaviour has been redesigned to provide a touch friendly and optimised experience on mobile and tablet devices. The menu now becomes hidden on smaller device sizes, accessible via a menu icon located at the top left of every page to reveal a slide out menu drawer optimised for touch devices.

WHMCS 8.0 Mobile Tablet view

That’s all for WHMCS 8.0 New Admin Area look. For detailed features, you can install their beta version.

WHMCS 8.0 is now available in beta. You can download and fully test the beta version to check the available features. For more detail on new features, refer WHMCS 8.0 beta release information.

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