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WHMCS vs Blesta – Which one is better?

WHMCS and Blesta are widely used billing automation system by web hosts. Both systems provide complete automation for web hosting service.

Today we will discuss which billing system is better for your requirement. In most forum you will notice that this question is being asked frequently.

WHMCS and Blesta

Let us first talk about WHMCS. WHMCS was leading billing system in the past several years and the reason was, there was no other system which was providing all features at such low rate. Also, support system is built-in WHMCS. This reduces the cost of additional support system. WHMCS comes with lots of modules for control panels, registrars, payment gateways. There is no separate cost to get all this modules. That means, once you get license, you can use any modules available in WHMCS.

As of WHMCS 7.0, they announced about price change and their license structure. You can refer our recent post. They will be now charging based on number of active customers. This may cost more for those users who have more than 250+ active clients. This may affect WHMCS sales as well because many users may go for alternative license like Blesta.

Blesta is an alternative billing system. They are gaining market day by day. Most users prefer Blesta over WHMCS because you can see all code except 2-3 files. This is good for those who are looking for custom development. The main drawback may be modules. Currently limited control panel, registrar and payment gateway modules available for Blesta compare to WHMCS. But most of the users find them sufficient.

While comparing the price, Blesta cost less compare to WHMCS. If you purchase Blesta license from reseller like LicensePal, you can get license start from $9.95/month. You will get discount on monthly license while purchasing from such reseller.

Now, which one is suitable for you? If you do not need lots of modules and you are looking for low cost billing system, Blesta is for you. If you need more modules, you can go for WHMCS.

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2 thoughts on “WHMCS vs Blesta – Which one is better?”

  1. The problem with Blesta is that you really need to know PHP coding to some degree. I tried it for several months to get working, and had numerous problems, and every reply I got on the forums assumed I had some existing underlying understanding of how Blesta worked or that I was a PHP dev.
    In the end it was just too much work trying to get it to do what I wanted, and the system was not very intuitive, most of the options and settings were somewhere obscure, it was quite clealry designed by a developer, who seems to be a one man band operation, so support is limited.
    While WHMCS has its problems, and the support drive you insane sometimes, it does everything out of the box, is more intuitive, and you do not have to go fiddling with code to get things working. Plus all the addons and a whole support team who at least answer tickets quite quickly.

  2. WHMCS is the most used billing system than blesta or any other billing systems. Most web hosts Scopehosts, VPS9 Networks, Leasedlayer and more reliable hosts use WHMCS platform to manage their clients transactions.

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