WHMCS price hike

WHMCS is one of the powerful billing and support system used by many web hosts and ISPs. So far they had only two billing options as owned license and monthly billing license. Also, they had fixed price for license.

They recently release WHMCS 7.0 and they also announced about change in their price. Now, they are charging based on number of active users in your billing system. This price is still not applied to their existing clients. they have provided grace period to existing client.

New pricing will be as follow:

WHMCS Starter Plan (Up to 250 active clients) – $15.95 per month
WHMCS Plus Plan (Up to 250 active clients – No Branding/Linkback) – $18.95 per month
WHMCS Professional Plan (Up to 1000 Clients) – $24.95 / month
WHMCS Business Plan (Unlimited Clients) – $39.95 / month

They also announced about Enterprise plan starts from $29.95 / month but there is no more information available on their website yet.

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