Windows VPS hosting – Windows VPS hosting providers

Windows VPS hosting offers full root/administrative access to your server. This allows you to install and manage the installed applications directly via remote desktop (RDP). You can also install your required software (which is not possible in shared hosting).

Windows VPS includes the support for all Microsoft technologies including SQL server 2008/2012, ASP.Net versions 2/3.5/4/4.5, ASP etc. Nowadays VPS hosting does not cost more. We can easily get budget  VPS hosting.

Why I need VPS Hosting?

You can run your low traffic websites on shared hosting environment but as your website traffic grows, you may not be allowed to keep your website on the shared hosting environment. Even in some cases, your website may be suspended by your web hosting provider if it uses high resources on the shared hosting server.

Windows VPS

The ideal solution for such websites is virtual private server (VPS). VPS costs little more compare to shared hosting environment but it will give you an isolated environment as well as you will get full access (root/administrator) to your server. You can install your own software and configure your server as per your need.

If you are using Microsoft technologies i.e. ASP.Net, ASP, Microsoft SQL server etc., you will need a Windows VPS hosting. In Windows VPS hosting, you will get remote desktop access to your server and you can access your server using your local RDP client software. You can install your required software and components via remote desktop. Nowadays, it does not cost more to get a Windows VPS hosting.

Windows VPS hosting providers

There are many Windows VPS hosting providers available as follow.

AccuWebHosting – They are leading Windows hosting provider. They are in web hosting business since last 10+ years. They are offering Hyper-V (Microsoft’s virtualization technology) based Windows VPS hosting starting from $8.15/month. They also offer free SmarterTools bundle in VPS hosting. AccuWebHosting now also offers fully managed SSD VPS Hosting.

Arvixe – They are in web hosting business since last 10+ years. They are offering Hyper-V based Windows VPS hosting.

GoDaddy – It is a leading domain registrar and they are also offering Windows VPS hosting.

There are many other web hosting providers offers Windows VPS hosting. Most of the providers offer money back guarantee in their hosting services. It is advisable to test the services before you move your websites to the new provider.

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