Windows Web Hosting


Many of you are confused while selecting the web hosting plan. Most of you are confused whether to select Windows hosting or Linux. In this article we will discuss the few things related to Windows hosting.

Why to chose Windows Hosting?

– If you are planing to use Microsoft technology like ASP, .Net Platform, MSSQL database in your web site then you will need to go for Windows Hosting.

– In addition to this you can also use PHP and MySQL on Windows platform. This is the added advantage of Windows hosting platform.

Do not chose Windows if you are planing as follow:

– If you have developed your site using HTML and PHP, MySQL then it is advisable to select Linux Hosting. As Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL will give you better performance.

– Also if you have used Apache Mod rewrite rules then you will need to go for Linux hosting, as you can easily write rewrite rule in Linux via .htaccess file.

– Most of the hosting provider do not support ISAPI rewrite rule or they are using lite version of ISAPI rewrite rule, so if you have to go for Linux hosting.

The above are few points that you will need to take care before you select the web hosting service.


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