WordPress no “Publish” button but “Submit For Review” only for Admin user

While adding post from your WordPress admin user, you may not see “Publish” button instead you can see only “Submit For Review” in your admin area even if you are logged in using full administrative user. There are several causes for this problem as follow:

[1] Sometime third party theme can cause this problem. To check whether this is theme related issue or not, change your WordPress theme to default theme (i.e. twenty eleven, twenty twelve etc.)

[2] Sometime third plugins can cause this problem. To rule out whether it is causing the problem or not, move your plugins directory outside wp-contents folder and then try again.

[3] You may face this problem after upgrading your WordPress version.

[4] You can face this problem if your MySQL tables are in read-only status. For more details to resolve MySQL read-only status, please refer our article MySQL error #1036 – Table is read only.

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