Dedicated IP Web Hosting
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Dedicated IP Web Hosting, also called static web hosting, provides a unique IP address exclusive for each specific server space or domain. A web user can access information stored in any of these servers by logging into a website through a given domain name or IP address.

Web hosting accounts may vary depending upon whether it is a unique or shared IP address. A unique IP address for web hosting can be secured by placing an order with any of the available service providers. They will offer a unique address after taking full payment for the web-space. These websites will enable you to upload contents, and other files to your own personal and secure space.

This type of web hosting is ideal for larger or e-commerce websites which require high security. It is also provided for individuals who are willing to purchase those spaces for a high premium. Dedicated IP web hosting will save you from falling into spam that may be caused while using a shared website.

Dedicated IP web hosting gives more flexibility for your website and allows complex hosting. Some of the advantages include private SSL certificate and an anonymous FTP. A private SSL certificate is ideal for any online store that needs a secure transaction. An anonymous FTP facilitates sharing content on the Internet. This will allow the Internet user to access a public directory using FTP software.

These unique IP addresses give you full control over your website. The e-commerce website owners are guaranteed secure SSL certificates. Acquiring a dedicated IP address will also help you to optimize your website for attaining a better search engine result.

Dedicated IP web hosting is considered as a premium Internet real estate, and you may have to pay extra charges to acquire this. But there are certain service providers offering dedicated domains at affordable prices.

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