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Redirect the sub-domain on the Linux server (cPanel/WHM)

Started by Kailash, July 04, 2007, 11:01:49 AM

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Few steps to redirect your sub-domain on the Linux server (cPanel/WHM):

(1) You can redirect your sub-domain from the cPanel of your domain. Login to the cPanel of your domain -> Subdomain -> Select your sub-domain and then click on 'Setup Redirection' -> Enter the destination and save it.

(2) You can add the CNAME for your sub-domain to redirect it. For example, if you want to redirect sub.domain.com to domain.com then just add the CNAME sub to point it to domain.com.

(3) Change the path of DocumentRoot in the httpd.conf file. Below are the exact steps to change the DocumentRoot path:

- Open the httpd.conf file in the editor.
- Locate the entry of your sub-domain in httpd.conf file.
- Change the DocumentRoot path where you want to redirect your sub-domain.


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