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To understand the concept of Free ASP Hosting, we need to be clear about what the terms ASP and web hosting mean. Active server pages, or ASP as it is commonly known, is a server side language. This means that the code of the ASP, which is programmed in JScript or Visual BASIC Script, runs on the server when the page is requested and then the final result is sent to the browser. ASP was originally made by Microsoft for their IIS and Personal Web servers but now it is being used by Java-enabled Unix Servers like Apache.

Web hosting is a service which enables companies and individuals to showcase their websites on the computer servers, so that people connected to the Internet can access them whenever they require. These websites are available on the computer server 24/7, and this makes accessibility extremely convenient.

Search the net and you will come across innumerable companies offering both paid and Free ASP Hosting services. Paid services are beneficial for websites with commercial purposes that involve transactions such as credit-card processing. Individual websites, not involving very heavy traffic can opt for Free ASP Hosting.

Many companies provide Free ASP Hosting services. Though these companies do not charge directly for hosting your website, they would require you to place a banner advertising their company. Another point to be kept in mind is that you don’t really have the freedom of choosing the name of your website. This is because these companies generally allocate a name, which in most cases is an extension of the server address. So, if you want a unique name for your website, you will have to pay to register it. There are also companies who impose certain restrictions on the content, scripting language and also functions. So these are also factors that you need to take into consideration before deciding on whether you require paid or free web hosting.

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