Where's My VSTO Outlook Add-in?
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So, you've created you're first Outlook addin with VSTO support and now it's time you create the setup project and distribute it.

Well the setup project is already done - the Outlook Addin wizard created the setup project for you.

But the generated setup project isn't complete - it only contains registry keys that are neccessary for Outlook to recognize your addin - you still need to grant the full trust in the security policy for addin assembly and all other referenced assemblies. (You don't need to set the security policy on your development machine because VS does that for you).

As I wrote in some previous post(s), Mads posted a custom installer code for granting full trust to your assembly - the code is pretty simple so I think you'll have no problems setting policies for multiple assemblies (if needed).

The MSI installer is created and you can try installing it on other machine - it doesn't work ....

First, check if everything what needs to be installed is installed:

Microsoft Office 2003 with SP1 (with Outlook 2003 - remember you created an Outlook 2003 addin :).

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