Millionaire Adsense Affiliate Speaks Out
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One millionaire Adsense affiliate who was the first to reveal online that they were on course to raking in over one million dollars from their Adsense affiliate program revealed some fascinating facts behind becoming a millionaire Adsense affiliate.

This millionaire Adsense affiliate has since sold his online blogs, which he was using to make his millions, to AOL. But not before his amazing revelation in a post at his personal blog that naturally attracted plenty of comments and questions from other Adsense affiliates.

One of the surprising revelations that came out of the millionaire Adsense affiliate was the fact that traffic is much more important than the position of Adsense ads on a site. It was revealed that the millionaire Adsense affiliate had already sold some of the best positions on their blog to other advertisers by the time that they joined the Adsense affiliate program. What this meant was that the Adsense ads were placed in the least favorable and least prominent positions on their blogs. Still they were able to enjoy high Adsense earnings that quickly got them into the millionaire Adsense affiliate club.

The lesson here is that volume of traffic is much more important than ad positions when it comes to Adsense earnings and the creation of millionaire Adsense affiliates.

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