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Search Engine Marketing for MSN and Yahoo! Still Worth It


Statistics released by comScore show that Yahoo! MSN and Ask Jeeves are definitely forces to reckon with. Each of them had over 40 million searches carried out on them last month, in the US alone: Top US Search Engines in October 2005 Top US search engines in October 2005 Search engine Audience (thousands) Google Web Search 5,281
Yahoo! Search 68,031
MSN Search 49,748
Ask Jeeves 43,705
AOL Search 36,092
Yahoo! Local Search 20,270
MySpace Search 8,083
Infospace Search 5,942
LookSmart 4,402
Lycos Network 5,249
Source: comScore Media Metrix
It is still worth it to optimise for MSN and Yahoo!

Google's market leadership is definitely not a given fact. Yahoo! and MSN Search are hot on the heels of Google, and Microsoft seem to be hell-bent on dethroning Google. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that Yahoo! and MSN's combined search total is well above that of Google it is a must for all webmasters to optimise their sites for the MSN and Yahoo! search engines too.

Note that search engine optimisation for MSN and Yahoo! are significantly different processes and involve attention to different factors than when optimising for Google.

We provide 100% ethical search engine optimisation services. We have an open policy, where we will explain everything we do, and will not use any sneaky SEO practices that could risk getting your site banned.

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Search Engine Marketing for MSN and Yahoo! still worth it

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That information is really worth reading and spending time on it .
Google search system is such complicated and uneasy to understand!
Thanks for help in it!
I do need to.

James Andy:
I don't think so that yahoo is still worthy in SEO because Google destroy all other search engines from last 3 to 4 years. So you should focus on Google and Bing traffic.


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