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SEO : Unhappy with Your Google or MSN Title and Description?

Started by Tech, October 14, 2007, 01:30:06 PM

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Have you ever noticed that your MSN or Google listing does not have the page title or description that you intended it to have? The reason for this is that MSN and Google use the directory data from The Open Directory (a.k.a. ODP or DMOZ). Getting your site listed in ODP is a good thing because it will boost your sites relevance to other search engines (such as Google and MSN), giving your site increased ranking factors. The challenge, aside from getting into ODP), is that the editors at ODP don't really allow for optimized titles or descriptions, and very often will either reject or "correct" a submission to something that is neutral in terms of effective search engine coding. This results in bland, nondescript site titles and description, and frustrates those who are in the know about what the search engines should be reading in the TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tags.

Good News! Now through the use of a simple META tag, you can have MSN & Google display your actual TITLE and META DESCRIPTION data for your site as you have coded it. All you need to do is inset the following META tag in the HEAD section of your web site pages: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOODP">

After your pages are crawled again by the SE spiders, you should see an update to whatever Titles or Descriptions come up in MSN and Google and you should see them displayed as you have coded them in the TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tags.

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