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Cheap Web Hosting With PHP and MySQL

Started by Tech, October 23, 2007, 09:22:18 AM

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Though its pretty obvious to assume that you get what you pay for if you chose cheap web hosting PHP MySQL. Etc... But a widely over looked point is why bite off more than you can chew?

Ok cheaper web hosting with PHP and MYSQL comes with its own limitations for example a cheaper web hosting with PHP and a MySQL database will probably have shared servers. So if you require for what ever reason to access your MySQL database from somewhere other than your own pc its likely that this will not be possible.

So if you are looking towards a more flexible and dedicated business set up, then cheap web hosting, PHP and MySQL would not be the way to go. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more per month or annually to make life easier!

Also the PHP version could be older than what is available, thus limiting you to the range of scripts that you can use for your web site creation and development. As PHP 4 is now becoming pretty obsolete and PHP version 5 is more widely used these days.

Cheap web hosting PHP MySQL is a fine starting point for those who are new to the whole thing, and only require a more basic website creation with maybe a few bells and whistles! Remember though its important to realise your limitations and knowledge and not to try and run before you can walk.

If it all sounds a little bit complicated, not to worry, there are plenty of recourses online to help you out with your choice of web site hosting, PHP and MySQL. Just type it into any search engine and you will get all the information at your disposal.

And remember if in doubt ASK, the only stupid questions are the ones you already know the answers to! So cheap web site hosting, PHP, MySQL is all fine, but know your limitations.

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