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MailEnable or Smartermail???

Started by Mike, March 02, 2008, 08:30:11 PM

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Which is good email management software in term of better spam solution MailEnable or Smartermail?

I haven't used any of them yet....




I would recommend you Smartermail...


Go for Smartermail 5.5.X which has better anti spam solution as well as you will get good statistics of your server in Smartermail.



If I were you, I would use SmarterMail since it is the best in spam filtering and ease of administration. If you are looking for a free mail server solutions with the great features then hmailserver is for you.

Mayur Gondaliya


SmarterMail gives email administrators and users, and more power and more control than ever with flexible mail server currently available. It is built and the price is attractive and accessible to individuals, small businesses and enterprise organizations, people, and nobody is able to support an unlimited number of domains and unlimited email addresses.



Mail-enable provides more flexible options for email services. It is provided with Windows based hosting accounts. It is also easy to manage.


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SmarterMail gives email administrators and users, and more power and more control than ever with flexible mail server currently available.


Both MailEnable and SmarterMail are popular mail server software solutions that provide email services for businesses and individuals. The choice between them depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Here's a comparison to help you decide:


Features and Editions: MailEnable offers multiple editions, including Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The features vary among editions, with higher-tier editions offering more advanced features like ActiveSync and advanced security.

Scalability: MailEnable scales well for small to medium-sized businesses. The Professional and Enterprise editions provide features suitable for larger organizations.

User-Friendly Interface: MailEnable has a user-friendly web-based administration interface that makes it relatively easy to manage and configure.

ActiveSync Support: ActiveSync support is available in higher-tier editions, which allows for synchronization of emails, contacts, and calendars across devices.

Anti-Spam and Security Features: MailEnable offers anti-spam features, but the advanced security features are more prominent in the Enterprise edition.

Pricing: MailEnable's pricing varies based on the edition and the number of mailboxes. The Standard edition is cost-effective for smaller needs, while the Enterprise edition suits larger organizations.


Features and Editions: SmarterMail offers multiple editions, including Free, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free edition is limited in features, while the Professional and Enterprise editions offer more advanced capabilities.

Scalability: SmarterMail is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The Professional and Enterprise editions provide more features for larger organizations.

User-Friendly Interface: SmarterMail features a modern and user-friendly web interface that makes administration and user management intuitive.

ActiveSync Support: ActiveSync is available in the Professional and Enterprise editions, allowing for synchronization with mobile devices.

Advanced Security Features: SmarterMail provides robust security features, including intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and encryption.

Anti-Spam and Filtering: SmarterMail includes comprehensive anti-spam and filtering options to help manage unwanted emails effectively.

Pricing: SmarterMail's pricing is based on the edition and the number of mailboxes. The Free edition is limited, while the Professional and Enterprise editions offer more features at a cost.


Features Needed: Assess your specific requirements. If ActiveSync is crucial for mobile device synchronization, make sure the chosen edition supports it.

Budget: Consider your budget and whether the features offered by the respective editions align with your needs.

Scalability: If you anticipate significant growth, evaluate how well each solution can scale with your business.

Ease of Use: Review the user interface and administrative tools to determine which solution is more intuitive for your needs.

Security and Anti-Spam: If security and anti-spam features are essential, assess which solution offers the level of protection you require.

Both MailEnable and SmarterMail are capable solutions, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements, budget, and comfort with the features each offers. It's recommended to try out the free editions or demo versions of both solutions before making a decision.