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VPS Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting?

Started by Tech, March 06, 2008, 03:33:47 AM

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These days, web hosts are like mushrooms sprouting everywhere, all of them claiming to be the best. As such, it will be very hard for you to determine which one can really keep up to its promises. If finding the right host is not a big problem yet, wait until you get to the part where you have to choose among the different hosting types. You have to know the attributes of each hosting type and learn how everything works.

If you plan to launch an e-commerce website, then the free and shared types of hosting are automatically ruled out. These hosting types do not have enough power to handle heavy web traffic and an overwhelming amount of user requests. If your business is like a corporation as big as Microsoft, then you may want to buy your own server and opt for colocation instead. For small to medium-sized online businesses, the two best hosting options are VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated. Which of the two is more fitting for the project you have in mind? To find out, let's compare the features and capabilities of Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: The No-Holds-Barred Kind of Hosting

If there is only one user taking control over and utilizing the power of a single server, then that is dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, your host will give you one of the servers kept in their datacenters. There are two kinds of dedicated hosting, unmanaged and managed. If you choose to hire an authorized personnel from your hosting company to apply upgrades and maintain your server, then that is managed hosting. Meanwhile, if you wish to be the one to take care of your server to save some money, then unmanaged dedicated hosting is for you.

A website that expects heavy traffic and promises an interactive experience to its users need a dedicated server to survive. Dedicated hosting can provide very large amount of disk space, bandwidth, and a long list of web features that you can't find in lower hosting account types. Since you don't have to share valuable web resources with anyone, uptime performance is 100% guaranteed. Dedicated hosting even has a custom firewall that acts as a barrier for unauthorized access, giving hackers no opportunity to mess up with your website. For webmasters whose top priority are security, reliability, and stability but do not have the budget for a colocation service, then they should choose dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting: The Hybrid of Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Let the truth be known: dedicated hosting is costly. However, this doesn't make shared hosting a better option because its cheapness entails a list of undesirable characteristics. Hence, VPS is the best option.

VPS hosting is like the combination of shared and dedicated hosting. It has a quality of shared hosting since the server is shared by multiple users. However, it also has the characteristic of a dedicated hosting -- it can provide the same features and perks found in dedicated hosting. This is because in VPS hosting, a single server has been partitioned using a specially designed software. The computer software makes it possible for each portion of a single server to supply power equal to the power a dedicated server can supply. This is called virtualization. Simply put, VPS hosting allows you to use dedicated hosting-like service at a lower price.

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Cheaper in cost
Provides all features of Dedicated Server
Choose Dedicated only if you have large number of unique visitors per day & required more power.
Virtual Machine is a part of Dedicated Server, good for small businesses etc.


VPS hosting : VPS Hosting Works on a virtual shared server, where you host your website alongside others. It's a lot more affordable than dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting : Gives you your own server to work off. Flexible resource limits with the possibility of using other websites' resource on your server. You get full control over your server's software and physical hardware.

When your website traffic is in initial level you can consider VPS hosting, Once your website starts getting considerable high traffic or has big files that take in a lot of storage space then dedicated hosting is appropriate option hosting option for you.

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To my mind that is better to start with VPS and upgrade when you need that. There are a lot of companies like qhoster.com which provide full range of the services started from shared hosting up to dedicated server.


As for offshore dedicated servers, can put forward a recommendation to give Zakservers.com professionals a try.
Great support and pricing. It may not have all the latest features etc. So far everything is good...


I would like to say one thing if your site is currently a startup in the first place, then you can use shared hosting. After that, if you have more visitors, you can use VPS Hosting, and lastly, if your site starts getting huge visitors for maintenance, you must use a dedicated web hosting server. Otherwise, you will lose your site's visitors,s or it will not be possible to manage the site's visitors. You should monitor how much bandwidth you should take for your site? If you have any other queries, kindly let us know!


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Dedicated server:

  • You are using a dedicated server and other resources independently.
  • Become costly as there is only one user.
  • Mostly used for high-traffic websites.

VPS hosting:

In VPS hosting virtual server is independently used by the users and other resources are used in sharing.

  • Cheaper cost than a dedicated server.
  • Used in any type of web hosting like high traffic, medium traffic, etc.
  • I would recommend VPS hosting better than a dedicated server. This type of hosting is used in each and every website.

If you really want to go with VPS hosting than I would suggest OwnWebServers VPS hosting services for the best services of VSP hosting.


Environment-wise, both VPS and dedicated servers, give you complete root access to the OS. However, there are a few differences still there...
  • Dedicated servers have higher capacity, so higher priced
  • Dedicated servers are dedicated to you, so you don't have to share it with any other customer
  • Your host still has control to your server in a VPS, while it is very neglibible in case of a dedicated server, limited to only hardware level
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VPS Hosting:
With a VPS, you still share a server's resources with other users. However, unlike shared hosting, your site still gets dedicated resources in its share of the server.

Dedicated Hosting:
As the name suggests, a dedicated server means that you get the entire physical server dedicated to your website(s). Instead of getting just a part of the server like you do with a VPS, you get the whole thing.

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