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Disable BoxTrapper Spam Trap for cPanel server

Started by Kevin, September 28, 2008, 02:37:17 PM

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There is a feature called BoxTrapper Spam Trap in cPanel. If you have enabled this option for your domain then whenever anyone sends email they will need to reply the automated mail generated by BoxTrapper Spam Trapper and then you will receive the email to your account. However, it is advisable not to enable this option. You can disable this option server wide by following the below steps:

[1] Login to your WHM.
[2] Go to Tweak Settings.
[3] Uncheck BoxTrapper Spam Trap option and save it.




Though this is an old thread but yet very useful thread. It is recommended that you disable BoxTrapper on the server otherwise there is a possibility that your server's IP address is blacklisted.


Most of the web hosts disable this option on their shared hosting server. This option can cause IP blacklisting issue to the nature of the way it works.

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