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Need help to increase max_upload_packets


am new on these things i have dedicated server and i dont know how to increase max_upload_packets can any one help me plz?


Are you referring to maximum file size upload limit (upload_max_filesize) in php.ini or maximum allowed packet for mysql (max_allowed_packet)?

To increase the file upload limit for php, just edit your php.ini and set the desired value for upload_max_filesize. You may need to restart Apache or IIS after modifying the php.ini file. To know the php configuration path, just create a new file with .php extension and write the below code:

--- Code: ---<?php
--- End code ---
Look at the path set for "Loaded Configuration File".

And to increase the MySQL packet, edit your my.cnf (Linux server) or my.conf (windows), and set the desired value for max_allowed_packet. You will need to restart mysql after making the changes.



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