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Website Security Plan Launched by Online Backup Vault with G


Online Backup Vault commits to maintaining online customer security with GamaSec's online web vulnerability assessment service. Online Backup Vault has enrolled with GamaSec, a remote online website security test service. Online Backup Vault is taking the necessary steps to secure online information for their customers like Flash Web Designers .
Online Backup Vault will utilize GamaSec's vulnerability assessment scan services to conduct regular scans of GamaScan identifies web vulnerabilities, provides real-time vital business solutions, and recommends optimally matched solutions.

Avi Bartov, GamaSec CEO comments, "Our core business is to help our clients mitigate risks on their website by providing real-time evaluation reports and recommendations. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Application vulnerabilities are the Achilles heel in the protection of websites. It is better to know your weaknesses and fix them than wait to respond after an attack."

"The security and protection of our websites need to be monitored by experienced experts who can provide our group with an added value. GamaSec security solutions are a perfect fit and meet all of our requirements", said Moti Mitteldorf Online Backup Vault C.T.O "We look forward to working with GamaSec and to prove to our customers and business partners that we are taking the necessary steps to secure their online information."

OnlineBackupVault.Com is your one source for online, offsite, secure data backup! We provide an easy automated encrypted solution for backing up all your data servers and workstations. Our business packages include software clients for virtually all server operating systems and server applications.

GamaSec is an Israeli technology company with over 10 years of IT security experience and an active in-house R&D Department that has published hundreds of security advisories worldwide.
GamaSec's unique technology has been developed through experience gained in large scale worldwide security projects; in Europe and in Israel. GamaSec is active in security research and a pioneer in the field of vulnerability identification and definition. This allows GamaSec to be among the first and fastest at locating new vulnerabilities and mitigating new threats.

It provide one stop onsite and also offsite secure data backup. It will provide an easy, automated, encrypted solution for backing up all your data servers and workstations. The places where the issue of the electricity is there you can use such a service to backup your data. 


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