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What is Link Wheel

Started by John23, June 11, 2010, 02:54:37 PM

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To Give an example of a small link wheel. If If you have 5 websites or pages that each has two backlinks you could:

Point one backlink from site 1 to site 2
Point one backlink from site 2 to site 3
Point one backlink from site 3 to site 4
Point one backlink from site 4 to site 5

Then point the second link from each site to the site you want the "juice" to be targeted at and this way links are supposed to be stronger and more productive.
Internet marketers tend to think that this looks more "natural" to the search engines which means that they like it better. You can do it using hubpages, squidoo, wordpress or any other free hosting website if you don't own website yourself.

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