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A good website is important

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Every one like to see the well formed website. The information that you provide in this thread is very good to read I really appreciate your description that you given in this thread. As per my opinion website must be user friendly.

Good website is very needed. And the first thing is it must have to user familiar like not use so many images, large size applications which takes so many times for reloading. Website never contain so many description, it seems boring.

Thank you. You posted good article, but I think all web developers know about the main rules.

I also agree that a good website is really important. Here are some suggestion for creating a SEO friendly site which definitely helps visibility and higher rankings in search engines:

1. Content should be current
2. Content should be short and meaningful
3. Web template
4. Meta tags
5. Header tags
6. Title name

Web site first attraction to any visitor is website Template and It's logo's. And make good web site to coding level and it's source to implementing on them. Second things is that what a ever give information is related and meaningful. The source and over content is most part of over website working.


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